Find out why you win or lose customers

What Is It?

Video Win/Loss surveys let people tell you the real reasons they did or didn’t buy from you – with unrivaled context.

Why did you make this purchase?
A woman is sitting on a couch and making a triumphant gesture after a win.

Why Use It?

You don’t know why you win or lose customers
Get to the root cause of purchase decisions
Make changes that convert more customers

How to Leverage It


Objective Setting

When you win or lose a customer, you’ll want to know why. That includes how competitors, the experience, value perceptions, and personal priorities influenced the decision. But you don’t need to tackle it all at once. To get started, pick an area you believe is impacting your sales most right now.

Two women demonstrating knowledgeable and prudence use these qualities to achieve a better win-loss record.
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Determine Audience

Send video surveys to prospects or customers shortly after they made a purchase decision. That way you can unlock more than just a one-line win/loss reason while their decision is still fresh in their minds.


Curate Questions

It’s time to pick questions that complement your objectives. For example, if you want to boost competitor understanding, ask customers:

  • why did they choose you?

  • what problems do you uniquely solve?

  • how did they pick you over alternatives?

A man and a woman engaged in an intense conversation, their faces adorned with speech bubbles.
What options did you consider?
What influenced your decision?
How did our pricing compare?

Get your Feedback

Your CRM is an ideal place to trigger invites to the right people, just after a purchase decision is made. Or invite people online after they checkout or abandon their cart to reach them at the right moment. Once you’ve got your feedback, action it so you can win more often.

Get unfiltered feedback that reveals precisely why you win or lose deals
What’s a question you’d like to ask consumers?