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Who Are We

Voxpopme is the market leading provider of video feedback capture and analytics. Over 300 companies including Pepsi, McDonalds, Verizon and Mars use Voxpopme to capture real-time, qualitative feedback from their customers.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to build best-in-class technology connecting brands to real people.

Our Vision

Our vision is to enable customer conversations at scale to power better decisions for everyone.

Our Values


We work together as a team, and collaborate with our customers, partners, and colleagues with respect. We are all part-owners of Voxpopme, and are committed to winning together. This means constantly looking for opportunities to improve our processes, our technology, and how we succeed for our clients.


We have a propensity for forward progress. We take time to understand what success looks like and measure to ensure the largest impact. More than that, we hold ourselves accountable to that success, keep moving forward, and ensure we hit our (and our clients’) objectives.


We are change agents; constantly asking “why?” and proactively looking for ways to improve everything we do. This means constantly looking for opportunities to improve our processes, our technology, and how we succeed for our clients.


We recognize and value the unique qualities and experiences each person brings to our team. By respecting and embracing everyone’s distinct “20”, we cultivate a diverse and inclusive environment that enhances our collective creativity, understanding, and success.

Meet our team

Andy Barraclough


Lonnie Mayne


Jamin Brazil


Braden Johnstone

Chief Customer Officer

Victoria Hedley

Chief Operating Officer

Skyler Martinson

SVP of Finance
Advisory Board

We are proud to introduce the Voxpopme Visionaries Advisory Board, an elite group of seasoned insights professionals dedicated to shaping our strategic direction. They convene regularly for comprehensive, collaborative sessions and stay connected year-round through virtual discussions and our streamlined Voxpopme video surveys. Their expertise and commitment are vital to driving Voxpopme’s innovation and growth.

Terrae Schroeder

Heartland Food

Nic Umana


Michelle Gansle


Ashley Shelley


Jorge Calvachi


Patrick Roney


Marnie Steffe

Elida Beauty
Microsoft Partnership

We’ve partnered with Microsoft to launch Voxpopme AI Insights. Powered by Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service, this collaboration enhances our platform for faster, smarter, and more affordable qualitative research. Integrating OpenAI’s ChatGPT directly into our system transforms how businesses handle and interpret qualitative data. This innovative approach significantly accelerates analysis and reduces research time, empowering companies to quickly gain valuable insights and make efficient, data-driven decisions.

Romani Patel

“Integrating Azure OpenAI & ChatGPT with Voxpopme’s platform empowers insights teams, including Microsoft’s, to analyze qualitative data with astonishing speed.”

Romani Patel Senior Manager of Research and Insights, Microsoft

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