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The Platform

Our secure web based platform gives you complete control of your video campaigns.

Invite your customers to respond to your campaigns or target our existing panel of consumers by age, location, gender and interests.

Campaigns can be created in minutes and you will instantly start receiving video content.

Once completed quickly filter using our transcription and sentiment options and generate showreels of the best video responses in just a couple of clicks.

iOS and Android

The App

Available for both iOS and Android smartphones the VoxPopMe app allows users to record their opinion in real-time anywhere.

Users see a stream of a campaigns that they are eligible to answer based on their social profile. Some campaigns reward users with money or other incentives.

Campaigns can include links to media such as video and websites which a user will need to view before recording response.

Users then record and submit a 15-60 second response.

These are processed by VoxPopMe and appear almost instantly in the web platform.


If you are looking to use VoxPopMe please signup for a free trial and get in touch to discuss our dedicated agency packages.

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