Digital Prototyping

Easily show your digital prototypes to consumers for feedback

AR Product Placement

What Is It?

By showing digital prototypes to consumers, you can get an early glimpse into what consumers like and dislike about your website or app experiences.

When done well, digital prototype testing can help us evolve ideas early in the process after receiving customer feedback.

What do you like about our app?
A black man smiling while holding a cell phone for digital prototyping.

Why Use It?

Frustrated by costly development processes that didn’t get customer feedback early enough
Concerned about whether or not the right digital experience is being built
Worried about the cost if the wrong website is rolled out

How to Leverage It


Objective Setting

Setting objectives will guide the questions you want consumers to answer. You’ll want to think through:

  • What’s driving the need?

  • What are 2-3 questions you need answers to?

  • How are you measuring success?

A woman with glasses and a purple background showcases an intuitive digital prototyping tool. The design is clean and sleek, allowing seamless hidden features to be effortlessly discovered.
A group of people engaged in digital prototyping with different facial expressions.

Create Stimulus

Share quality digital prototypes in a way that makes it easy for consumers to:

  • Envision using the website

  • Be able to give feedback that matters


Determine Audience

Identify the consumers needed for the digital prototype project. Take time to consider:

  • Who you want to hear from.

  • Who already uses something similar.

Two girls with speech bubbles on their faces engaged in digital prototyping.
What features do you like and why?
Any challenges or difficulties encountered?
How does it compare to existing solutions?

Curate Questions

Understand what you want to learn from consumer’s digital experience, and base your questions on the objectives.

Save money by showing your digital prototype to consumers now and getting feedback early in the process.
What’s a question you’d like to ask consumers?