Focus Groups

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What Is It?

Online focus groups allow you to have group conversations live with consumers – no matter where they (or you) are.

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A man sitting on a couch while participating in focus groups, with his hands in his pockets.

Why Use It?

Frustrated by the lack of representation from localized in-person groups
Concerned feedback is less accurate due to potential group bias when in-person
Worried that timing of in-person focus groups is too long

How to Leverage It


Objective Setting

Setting objectives will dictate the questions you want consumers to answer. You’ll want to think through:

  • What’s driving the need?

  • What are 2-3 questions you need answers to?

  • How are you measuring success?

A man and a woman participated in focus groups, where they shared their experiences and opinions. They were excited to contribute their thoughts on the topic at hand but also felt frustrated by some of the limitations of
A focus group showcasing a range of facial expressions.


Plan your focus group and determine:

  • The best moderator

  • The best flow of the discussion

  • What the discussion topics are

  • What, if any, visuals or other stimulus is needed


Determine Audience

Identify the consumers needed for the focus group.

  • Who do you want to hear from?

  • What’s the right demographic mix for the focus group?

Two women engaged in a focus group discussion, communicating with each other through speech bubbles.
What are your Initial impressions?
What’s the impact on your life?
What emotions do you feel?

Curate Questions

Start with a set of questions to get the conversation started, but also remember that follow-up questions matter.

  • Start broad at a category level and then move toward more brand-specific questions

  • Determine key questions to ask

  • Keep an open mind for follow-up questions

  • Allot the right amount of time for discussion

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