Usage & Attitude

Figure out what drives consumer attitudes, behaviors, and preferences.

What Is It?

Usage and Attitude (U&A) studies are all about understanding your market and the consumers within it. It’s a solid way to explore their attitudes and opinions about you and your competitors. And dig into their usage of the products in your space and discover what drives their behavior.

What is your opinion about our brand?
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Why Use It?

Typical U&A surveys are long, slow, and don’t drive decisions
Witness behavior with in-the-moment video feedback
Understand people and spot opportunities for growth

How to Leverage It


Objective Setting

U&A studies are most effective when they tackle knowledge gaps. Think about what you don’t know about your market and the people and companies in it. You could look to understand new market opportunities, learn how you stack up against competitors, and understand the drivers of usage and the behavior that occurs as a result. Focus on what makes sense for your business.

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Determine Audience

Target an audience that is already active or could become active in your space. Then get granular with sub-groups like customers, competitors’ customers, users of specific products, or demographic-based segments.


Write your questions

Tie questions back to those objectives. If you’re building a broad category understanding, ask open questions that help you understand the characteristics and behaviors of typical consumers in your space. Need to understand a market opportunity, ask about when, where, how and why people buy and use products in your market.

A man and a woman engaged in in-depth interviews with speech bubbles on their faces.
How does our product make you feel?
How does it fit into your lifestyle?
Any areas where it falls short?

Taking action

Traditionally, U&A studies fall down when it comes to taking action. But they shouldn’t. Regardless of the focus of your study think about how you can use the insights, trends and patterns you’ve uncovered to shape both current products, services, packaging and promotions. And how you can apply this intel to future strategies so you can blow the competition out the water.

Video lets consumers share their stories so you can understand attitudes, behaviors, and opinions as your market shifts.
What’s a question you’d like to ask consumers?