Concept Testing

Get authentic feedback on your next concept idea

What Is It?

Present your product and marketing concepts to consumers to guide your development process.

What do you like about this concept?
A creative black man smiling in front of a basketball court, testing solutions for success.

Why Use It?

Frustrated by the lack of in-depth learning that quant-only concept testing provides
Concerned current feedback from consumers isn’t actionable
Worried product, messaging, or positioning isn’t resonating with consumers’

How to Leverage It


Objective Setting

Concept testing can be used at various stages of the product development lifecycle. So take a minute to determine the stage you’re at and whether you want to assess market potential, validate and refine your concept, or optimize the marketing strategies you’re using to take it to market.

Two creative women in glasses with the words attractive and comforting providing superior testing solutions.
A group of people in a car engaged in creative testing solutions.

Creating stimulus

To get rich feedback, you should bring your concepts to life for consumers. You can do this by creating stimuli in different formats. You can share concepts such as text, static images, GIFs, videos, prototypes, audio files, and more before collecting video feedback from them.


Determine audience

For concept testing, it’s worth recruiting a representative sample for the audiences you wish to market and sell to. You’re trying to see if your concepts resonate with the intended final audience, so match that when you can.

A man and a woman with creative speech bubbles in front of them, discussing innovative testing solutions.
What is your initial reaction to this concept?
What is it that you like most about this concept?
Is this product something you need, and why?

Curating questions

You can ask questions with a wide focus to understand broad dimensions such as the appeal, uniqueness, value proposition, pricing, usability, or potential improvements of a concept. Or, as you get into the refinement stages of development, ask about specific aspects that need further evaluation for more targeted feedback.

Develop successful products and marketing campaigns with agile concept testing.
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