In-Depth Interviews

Get closer to people with two-way conversations

What Is It?

Online In-Depth Interviews are an easy way to have real-time, 1-on-1 conversations. The two-way conversations enable you to get closer to consumers than ever before with in-depth discovery.

What areas could we improve on?
A woman conducting in-depth interviews while sitting on a couch with two pills in her hands.

Why Use It?

It’s hard to build a detailed understanding of people with only 
quant data
Two-way conversations let you dig deeper into any topic
Gain intimate insights and make informed decisions

How to Leverage It


Objective Setting

In-depth interviews give you valuable time with people your business cares about. So it’s crucial to know what topics you want to explore with consumers. Here, it helps to focus on what decisions would benefit from having the consumer involved or a better understanding of their needs.

Two women with glasses conduct in-depth interviews.
consumers answer questions in the Voxpopme platform

Determine Audience

Keep your objectives in mind when picking your audience. Looking to understand how people use your product? You’ll likely need to interview customers. Consider using demographic targeting, screeners, and video auditions to find high-quality participants from the audience you need to understand.


Schedule Interviews

Now it’s time to get those interviews on the calendar. You can handle the logistics yourself or use a solution like Voxpopme to automate scheduling. (Calendly integration is also available).

Consumers answer questions in the Voxpopme platform
Describe your thoughts and feelings.
How does it impact your life?
Suggestions for improvement or change?


It’s interview day. Make sure you show up with your questions so you can steer the conversation when necessary. But don’t be afraid to let the conversation wander. Sometimes the best insights come out of those discussions.

Pro tip: A little pause can go a long way. Leave a second of silence after an answer to let respondents finish their thoughts.
What’s a question you’d like to ask consumers?