Video Testimonials

Win new customers with happy customer stories

What Is It?

Nothing sells your products better than a happy customer’s story. Now you can collect customer-recorded video testimonials anytime, anyplace. So it’s never been easier to prove your products live up to the promises.

What do you like about this product?
A black man, identified as a customer, sitting on a couch with his hands up, provides a compelling video testimonial.

Why Use It?

Text-based testimonials can feel impersonal
Video brings happy customer stories to life
Powerful social proof wins more customers

How to Leverage It



Before collecting video testimonials, all you need to decide is what brands, products, or experiences you want customers to talk about. Maybe you want them to endorse a trending product, or remove doubts about a new innovation. The choice is yours.

A man and a woman share their superb experience through fast-paced and thrilling customer video testimonials.
A woman and a man are participating in customer video testimonials.

Connect at the Right Time

Ask for video testimonials from customers at their happiest moments. Such as:
excited new customers, post-first-purchase; repeat customers, after renewals or subsequent purchases; or brand superfans that love everything you do


How to Ask

You can send your customers a video testimonial survey link. So you can invite them to record stories via email, SMS, social media, in-app, websites, or anywhere else.

A couple engaged in conversation with speech bubbles, providing customer video testimonials.
What do you love about our brand?
What problems do you solve with us?
Why do you choose us?


It’s time to share your powerful social proof. Add your customer video testimonials to your website, post them on social media, and include them in your ads or any other marketing campaign to win the trust of your future customers.

Video brings happy customer stories to life in an honest and authentic way
What’s a question you’d like to ask consumers?