Customer Experience

See the people behind your survey scores with video reactions

What Is It?

Customer experience feedback is the lifeblood of your organization. But emotionless data doesn’t drive empathy or action. Fortunately, integrating video questions into your existing CX surveys is easy. So there’s no reason not to bring customer stories and experiences to life.

Tell us about your recent experience
A woman with a joyful expression stands in front of a vibrant red building, embodying an exceptional customer experience.

Why Use It?

Survey scores only reveal what’s making or breaking customer experiences
Video reveals the why behind the numbers to make data actionable
Capture key experiences and drive empathy across your company

How to Leverage It


Giving Customers a Voice

Add video questions to any survey. Just pick the CX surveys that would benefit from deeper, contextual customer feedback. Now you can give customers a voice in the surveys you already use to collect data.

Two pictures of a man and a woman with clear expressions of surprise, showcasing a complete customer experience.
Enhancing the customer experience, a group of people in a car engage in lively conversation with each other.

Writing Questions

Writing video questions for CX surveys is about as easy as it gets. Whether you have an NPS, CSAT, or CES survey, the easiest way to get authentic stories is to ask consumers why they gave you a score. If you want to move super-fast, you could even replace existing text open-ends with video questions


Understanding your Feedback

Got customer stories? Check. Use them to go deeper in your CX analysis by looking for “wow” moments in experiences, finding opportunities to convert detractors to promoters, and uncovering broken and perfect interactions customers have with your brand.

A person with speech bubbles on their face, reflecting an interactive and engaging Customer Experience.
How would you describe your experience?
Did your experience meet your expectations?
What were the standout moments?

Driving Empathy

Now that you’ve got rich, authentic customer stories, it’s time to share them. Share your customer videos in meetings, presentations, workshops, internal events or even in Slack or Teams messages to ensure everyone gets closer to your customer. After all, that empathy won’t drive itself.

Video gives you the story behind the experience
What’s a question you’d like to ask consumers?