Creative Testing

Hear from consumers to validate your creative ideas before launching

What Is It?

Creative testing solutions can provide you with invaluable learning on your creatives. Getting the feedback pre-launch can help avoid potentially costly mistakes

What do you like about this idea?
A man is creatively testing solutions while taking a selfie in an office.

Why Use It?

A need for deeper learning that quant-only creative testing can’t provide
Video feedback can help provide the “why” behind your quant findings
Make improvements before the expensive production process starts

How to Leverage It


Objective Setting

Setting objectives will dictate the questions you ask consumers. You’ll want to think through:

  • What’s driving the need for this research?

  • What are 2-3 questions you need answers to?

  • How are you measuring success?

A creative testing solutions company boasts a dynamic team consisting of a man and a woman who excel at engaging audiences and receiving thunderous applause for their innovative approaches.
A woman and a man in glasses are engaging in a creative conversation on a video call.

Create Stimulus

The stimulus should effectively bring the product experience to life and allow consumers to connect with the idea in a meaningful way.

  • Be sure to keep consistency if showing multiple pieces of stimulus

  • Ensure message and visuals are easy to understand


Determine Audience

Determine who the ideal target will be to give feedback on your creative. For instance:

  • General population sample

  • User groups, i.e. monthly product users, brand aware, etc

  • Groups from your proprietary consumer segmentation

A creatively designed image featuring a man and a woman with speech bubbles on their faces, depicting innovative testing solutions.
What emotions does this evoke?
How memorable is this design?
What stands out about the creative?

Curate Questions

This is the fun bit where you get to decide what you want to know most about your creative, such as:

  • What is their initial reaction to the ad?

  • What did they like most/least?

  • What could further improve the creative, and why?

Launch with confidence by testing creative at every stage
What’s a question you’d like to ask consumers?