Brand Perceptions

Discover how people really feel about your brand

What Is It?

Brand perception surveys tell you what people think of your brand, how you stack up against the competition, and the space consumers believe you occupy in the market. Adding video to brand perception research lets you really dig into consumers’ emotional connections with your brand.

What do you think about the brand?
A young girl in a hoodie participating in brand perception surveys by waving her hand in front of a living room.

Why Use It?

Authentic thoughts and feelings are missed in metrics
Video allows full expression of thoughts and feelings towards your brand
Shape consumer sentiment and strengthens your brand’s identity

How to Leverage It


Objective Setting

Ultimately, you want to learn what people think your brand represents and if it meets those expectations in the wild. And you can do this by exploring consumers’ feelings, experiences, and thoughts about your product or service.

A couple, consisting of a woman and a man, exemplifying an outdated perception of love.
A group of people with glasses are posing for a photo as part of brand perception surveys.

Determine Audience

Firstly, you’ll want your survey participants to be interested in the market you sell to. There’s no point asking pet questions to someone with no intention of owning a pet. Now you’ve got your baseline audience, consider any subgroups you’d like to understand, like people that have used your product or your competitors, and use screener questions to find them.


Curate Questions

Writing brand perception questions is where the fun’s at. You could start simple and ask consumers the first thing that comes to mind when they think of your brand and how it makes them feel. Or get creative and ask them to speak out a love letter to your brand, describe your brand as someone who just arrived at the party. Go a step further by asking questions that compare your brand to a sub or competitor brand.

A woman and a man are engaging in a video chat while conducting brand perception surveys.
What values do you associate with our brand?
What are our brand’s strengths?
How are we different from competitors?

Improve Perceptions

Now you’ve got rich stories that reveal how consumers feel about your brand, it’s time to take action and boost that brand equity. First, you need to revisit the identity you want your brand to have. Then think about how you express that identity in every touchpoint with customers.

77% of B2C consumers make purchases based on a brand name
What’s a question you’d like to ask consumers?