Voxpopme launches new offline video capture solution for face-to-face research

Available for IOS and Android, ‘Voxpopme Offline’ enables researchers to record respondents in an interview style – capturing multiple video responses that can later be uploaded to the Voxpopme portal.

The company’s newest video capture solution can be seamlessly integrated into existing survey platforms, or used as a standalone tool, making it possible for fieldworkers or moderators to record video in-field without an internet connection or an expensive camera crew.

The flexibility of offline capture makes it perfect for intercept surveys and other video studies where connectivity could be problematic such as at events, in a retail locations and in developing markets.

Once back online, researchers can upload all their responses and additional data simultaneously before using Voxpopme’s platform features to analyse and share the most impactful insights in minutes.

Adam Heard, Director of Research, Data & Analytics Europe at Twitch commented:“We used a customised Twitch version of Voxpopme Offline app at Gamescom in Cologne and found it the perfect solution for capturing multiple video responses, on-location.  We felt in-the-moment feedback would be most honest, so being able to obtain this without worrying about connectivity or needing a camera crew made it the perfect tool for us.  It enabled us to build a deep understanding of our customers and bring their stories and experiences to life.”

Dave Carruthers, Founder & CEO at Voxpopme commented: “Video has always been powerful, but our aim is to ensure it is accessible any time, any place. Voxpopme Offline adds an important new tool to our suite of capture solutions, most importantly because we can now deliver video insights in developing markets where data collection is still done face-to-face with no connectivity.”

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