How to Use AI Insights for CPG Video Research Analysis (With Example Prompts)

In consumer packaged goods (CPG) market research, video survey feedback is a goldmine for insights. But it can be time-consuming and strenuous to analyze hours of such videos manually.

Enter: qualitative research analysis with AI. When you tailor prompts for analyzing video research with Voxpopme’s AI Insights feature, you can unearth valuable consumer insights without watching and rewatching your video research responses.

This article explores the significance of video research analysis with Voxpopme’s AI Insights and provides examples of prompts to guide market researchers in decoding consumer sentiments.
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Why Should You Use AI Insights to Analyze Video Research?

Analyzing video survey feedback with Voxpopme’s AI Insights feature opens new avenues for extracting insights about consumer behavior in CPG companies. This makes your market research effort easily scalable, so you only have to invest 3% of the effort to get deeper consumer insights.

AI Insights allows market researchers to dissect the content, uncovering sentiments, themes, and trends that might be overlooked through traditional methods — and present those with custom reports created in seconds rather than weeks. The synergy between advanced language models and video transcript data provides a nuanced understanding of consumer perceptions and preferences.

The quality of these insights hinges on the precision of prompts used to engage with Voxpopme’s AI Insights tool.

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Examples of Prompts to Use for CPG Market Research with AI Insights

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Sentiment exploration

Prompt: “Analyze the sentiment in the transcription of this video. Highlight key quotes that show emotion by the individuals or the overall content.”

Rationale: This prompt guides Voxpopme’s AI Insights feature to discern and articulate the emotional nuances present in the video, providing a comprehensive overview of sentiment.

Note that at this time Voxpopme AI Insights is not a multimodality and won’t pull sentiment from things like tone of voice or facial expressions.

Content engagement assessment

Prompt: “Evaluate the level of engagement depicted in the video transcript. Highlight moments or aspects that appear particularly engaging or less compelling.”

Rationale: This prompt prompts Voxpopme’s AI Insights feature to assess the video’s ability to captivate the audience, offering insights into what resonates with viewers.

Brand perception analysis

Prompt: “Decipher the portrayal of the brand in the video. Explore how the brand is presented and the potential impact on consumer perceptions.”

Rationale: By focusing on the brand’s representation, this prompt aids in understanding how the video influences brand perception among consumers.

Intent inference

Prompt: “Infer potential consumer intent based on the transcript content. Discuss any indications of interest, curiosity, or motivation portrayed in the video.”

Rationale: This prompt guides Voxpopme’s AI Insights feature to identify subtle cues that hint at consumer intentions, providing valuable insights into potential actions or behaviors.

Reporting inspiration

Prompt: “Utilize the insights gathered from the video analysis to create a report based on the SWOT analysis framework. Identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats presented in the video content, and provide actionable recommendations for CPG companies based on these findings.”

Rationale: This prompt guides Voxpopme’s AI Insights feature to apply the SWOT analysis framework to the insights derived from video analysis, facilitating the identification of key factors influencing the market landscape. By synthesizing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, Voxpopme’s AI Insights feature generates a comprehensive report that offers actionable recommendations for team’s aiming to understand their customers.

Benefits of Using Market Research Frameworks in Video Analysis

Structured analysis

Market research frameworks provide a systematic approach to analyzing video content, ensuring thorough examination of various aspects such as consumer preferences, competitive positioning, and market trends.

Mitigating human bias

In market research, AI holds promise as a powerful ally in mitigating human bias. By leveraging advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities, AI can analyze vast datasets with objectivity and precision, minimizing the influence of human biases.

As market researchers embrace AI technologies, they pave the way for more inclusive and insightful analyses, ultimately enhancing the quality and relevance of research in the ever-evolving landscape of consumer behavior.

It’s worth noting that this tech is evolving to detect bias and provide evidence, but there is still room to be cautious when blindly trusting any AI tool.

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Actionable insights

By leveraging frameworks like SWOT analysis or personas, market researchers can extract actionable insights from video analysis, enabling CPG companies to make informed decisions and formulate effective strategies.

Holistic understanding

Integrating market research frameworks into video analysis offers a holistic understanding of the market landscape, encompassing internal strengths and weaknesses as well as external opportunities and threats, thus facilitating strategic alignment.

Enhanced communication

Reports generated based on market research frameworks provide a common language for communication across stakeholders, facilitating collaboration and alignment of objectives within CPG companies.

Crafting Prompts for Comprehensive Video Market Research Reports

SWOT analysis integration

Prompt: “Conduct a SWOT analysis based on the information presented in the video. Identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, and elaborate on their implications for the CPG product in focus.”

Rationale: This prompt guides Voxpopme’s AI Insights feature to systematically analyze the video content, providing a SWOT analysis that aids market researchers in understanding the competitive landscape.

Persona development

Prompt: “Create a detailed consumer persona based on the behaviors and preferences exhibited in the video transcript. Highlight key demographics, psychographics, and motivations influencing consumer decisions.”

Rationale: By directing Voxpopme’s AI Insights feature to construct a persona, this prompt assists in crafting a nuanced understanding of the target audience, facilitating more targeted marketing strategies.

Jobs-to-be-done framework

Prompt: “Apply the Jobs to Be Done framework to dissect the consumer needs and desires showcased in the video transcript. Identify the functional and emotional jobs and their implications for product development.”

Rationale: This prompt prompts Voxpopme’s AI Insights feature to leverage the Jobs to Be Done framework, offering insights into consumer motivations and unmet needs that can inform product innovation.

Competitor benchmarking

Prompt: “Compare and contrast the featured product in the video with key competitors mentioned in the transcript (enter competitor names). Highlight distinctive features, market positioning, and potential areas for differentiation.”

Rationale: By incorporating a competitive analysis, this prompt enables Voxpopme’s AI Insights feature to outline a comparative assessment, aiding market researchers in strategic positioning.

Trend analysis and forecasting

Prompt: “Analyze the video content for emerging trends and forecast potential shifts in consumer behavior. Provide recommendations on how CPG companies can adapt to these trends.”

Rationale: This forward-looking prompt guides Voxpopme’s AI Insights feature in identifying trends, equipping market researchers with insights to proactively respond to evolving consumer preferences.


Integrating market research frameworks into video analysis with Voxpopme’s AI Insights feature enhances the depth and applicability of insights for CPG companies with a consumer-first mindset.

When you use prompts that guide AI Insights to create comprehensive reports based on frameworks like SWOT analysis, market researchers can extract actionable intelligence from video research content, informing strategic decision-making and driving business growth.

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