[Consumer study] How are consumers feeling about ChatGPT? ️

ChatGPT is a new platform that uses artificial intelligence to answer people’s questions or complete written tasks for them. For example, you can use it to write a podcast script or advertising copy, or students can – but shouldn’t – ask it to write a paper.

We asked consumers in the United States what their thoughts are on the platform.

From what I heard ChatGPT is fantastic. It's good AI that can help answer questions and can help us all learn and be more efficient.

The methodology

We completed the entire study of 100 respondents through Voxpopme’s community of on-demand consumers in five hours.

We combined quantitative and qualitative questions in the study in the platform, and the platform neatly packaged the results in one dashboard.

consumer themes around gpt

consumer study on chat gpt

As a screener question, we asked:

Are you familiar with ChatGPT?

  • Yes (advances into the survey)
  • No

On the quantitative side, we asked:

Is ChatGPT something you find useful?

  • Yes
  • Maybe
  • No

On the qualitative side, we asked:

  • How do you feel about ChatGPT?
  • What is your perception of ChatGPT?
  • Do you think this technology will contribute to or affect society? Why?
  • For what would you use it?

The results

Here’s a quick highlight reel of reactions:

The quant results

Sixty-eight percent of respondents said they find ChatGPT useful.

68 percent of consumers say they find ChatGPT useful


The qual results

Respondents in our video research recorded a quick asynchronous video message for the qual questions – selfie-style, directly from their phones.

The automatic sentiment analysis showed that 57 percent of all statements were positive, with 27 percent being neutral and 16 percent being negative.

Unlike the quant questions – which are self-reported answers – this sentiment analysis pulls from what respondents said in their video responses.

The automatic theme explorer and Word Cloud gave me an idea of some of the most mentioned topics.

consumer themes around gpt

At times, I also use the Theme Builder and my knowledge of the subject to build and group themes for topics that I consider related.

wordcloud chatgpt

The analysis

I like to review the theme explorer first to get an idea of what trends I’m seeing. The Word Cloud is my next step. Then I want to skim through the automatic transcripts and each response.


Reviewing the consumer responses, there was certainly a positive vibe toward what ChatGPT can do.

Consumers in general are excited about the ability to ask questions and mentioned the possibilities for the future.

“As far as the technology I feel like it will contribute to society,” said Paris, 32, of Orange Park. “For me, I would use it to just ask the questions that I don’t know.”

Brandi, 27, of Sarasota, said she believes the technology can help with people’s English and to have good conversations.

Where to next?

As a next step, you might try using ChatGPT or another artificial content creation platform for your messaging and other consumer-facing content. Once that’s out in the market, consider asking consumers about what impact it had on them through a virtual focus group, video research or other tactic.

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What’s a question you’d like to ask consumers?