GDPR Commitment Values

Privacy and security are of Voxpopme’s utmost concern. Our clients and respondents trust us with their data, ad we take this responsibility very seriously.

GDPR gives EU Data Subjects additional rights regarding the way their data is collected and processed. Voxpopme is committed to meeting the requirements of GDPR through our robust program of compliance and data protection measures.

We have prepared the following summary of our key GDPR considerations. Have a question? We’d be happy to help. Reach out to


We will always handle your data with the highest level of care and transparency. Our Data Privacy Policy provides details about our privacy processes and commitments to our clients and video respondents – you can find it here: Data Privacy Policy. Voxpopme maintains a GDPR compliant process for responding to Data Subject Access requests.


We invest heavily in our Information Security processes, and our solutions are built with data security as our highest priority. Voxpopme will maintain administrative, physical, and technical safeguards to protect the security, confidentiality, availability, and integrity of data we handle. Our ISO27001 and ISO9001Certifications demonstrate our robust, audited approach to security and quality.


We ensure only authorized individuals have access to data and implement the strongest controls to ensure that unauthorized access is prevented. Our teams are trained in data protection and confidentiality best practices.

Integrity and Availability

We will maintain and ensure the accuracy and completeness of your data whilst in our possession, and if changes are made to it, these changes will be strictly controlled. Our Business Continuity Planning and system management is designed to ensure access to our services at all times.


Our terms of use, client terms and policies clearly define the way that data is used, shared, and processed, along with our respective rights and responsibilities. Our Data Processing Agreement is also available on request.