VoxPopMe Launches “Theme Explorer”; Revolutionises Video Response Technology for Market Research

Voxpopme, the leading platform for capturing short video responses for market research, today announced the launch of its new Theme Explorer tool. Theme Explorer uses advanced thematic analysis to organise video content such as transcriptions and time codings into themes. Ultimately, this reduces the work required by the end user by automating the identification of the most important snippets of video and illuminating key findings. (See intro video here [0.31])

“When we first saw the new Theme Explorer tool, we knew right away that it would transform the way we analyse video data,” said Oliver Wilson, Customer Insight Manager at Asda, a beta tester for the new product. “It will allow us to utilise our research video responses in a manageable way by identifying key themes and exporting the most valuable data in just a couple of clicks. What previously was a time-consuming process now takes minutes.”

Theme Explorer shows users the themes the platform has identified within the gathered video content enabling merging of comparable themes and removing irrelevant ones. Users can filter content based on date and other supplied metadata such as age, gender or responses to survey questions. After filtering, the user is presented with relevant, identified themes that illuminate vital research findings.

Dave Carruthers, CEO of Voxpopme, said, “We’re always thinking about ways that we can enable researchers to use video in ways that were previously impossible due to time and cost constraints. Theme Explorer takes this even further, providing a tool that can effectively and efficiently put video responses to work for our clients.”

Theme Explorer is debuting at the Insight Innovation eXchange (IIeX) North America this week in Atlanta, GA.

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