Voxpopme Launches AI-Powered Video Surveys

Park City, US – 18 May 2023. – Voxpopme, the leading qualitative research platform, has launched the first AI-powered video survey – Smart SurvAI. The company’s new AI-powered video survey generator enables insights professionals to rapidly create survey questions with the help of OpenAI’s ChatGPT – providing a simple and fast way to create engaging video surveys that yield impactful insights. 


To start, researchers enter their objectives into Voxpopme’s Smart SurvAI. Smart SurvAI, powered by ChatGPT, suggests three questions researchers can use to generate insights to meet their objectives. The researchers can choose to use, edit, or remove these questions before launching the survey. 


With Smart SurvAI, Voxpopme users spend less time writing survey questions and more time focusing on getting key insights from consumers via video. The AI-generated questions are tailored to the user’s research objectives, eliminating potential bias in survey questions and delivering more relevant and unbiased responses.


“AI is disrupting and enhancing market research and we are thrilled to be the leaders in AI-enhanced qualitative research,” said Jamin Brazil, CRO at Voxpopme. “With Smart SurvAI, we’re providing our users with a fast, creative way to generate questions and build video surveys that collect human stories from consumers. By combining research expertise with AI, researchers move faster and confidently to deliver the insights needed to make the right decision at the right time.”


Smart SurvAI offers several benefits to its users, including saving time, removing bias, and enhancing insights. By automating the survey creation process, Smart SurvAI reduces the cost of survey creation and data collection, further improving research ROI. Smart SurvAI is available immediately to Voxpopme customers. For a limited time, new users can set up a free account at voxpopme.com. Find out more about Smart SurvAI here.


About Voxpopme:


  • Voxpopme is the conversational insights platform that helps the world’s leading insights teams have customer conversations without limits. Our solutions take the hassle out of qualitative research so you can have in-depth conversations with real people. Anytime. Anywhere. The world’s leading brands, including McDonald’s, Microsoft, and PepsiCo use Voxpopme to create company-wide customer empathy that builds better products, brands, and experiences. Find out how you can, too, at voxpopme.com


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