Voxpopme Announces C-Suite Promotions and Voxpopme Services to Accelerate Next Growth Phase

Park City, Utah, United States—05-14-2024—Voxpopme, a leader in AI-powered qualitative insights, is proud to announce several key promotions within its Executive Team as part of its continued commitment to delivering exceptional service to its customers and agency partners. These promotions coincide with the launch of Voxpopme Services, the company’s research services arm.

Voxpopme’s CEO, Andy Barraclough, expressed his enthusiasm for the company’s direction and the team leading these efforts:

“In our drive to improve client service and to usher Voxpopme’s next stage of growth, I’m excited to renew Jamin Brazil’s role as Chief Revenue Officer, and announce Braden Johnstone’s promotion to Chief Customer Officer, Victoria Hedley to Chief Operating Officer, and Skyler Martinson to SVP of Finance. This team’s passion for our goals and commitment to servicing our customers is second to none, and I’m thrilled to continue working with them as we embark on the next stage of Voxpopme’s journey.”

Left to Right: Jamin Brazil – Victoria Hedley – Braden Johnstone – Skyler Martinson

The promoted executives have been instrumental in Voxpopme’s success, demonstrating adaptability and a deep commitment to the company’s vision. Their leadership will be crucial as Voxpopme navigates the future, driving innovation and delivering solutions that exceed client expectations:

  • Jamin Brazil continues as Chief Revenue Officer, bringing a wealth of experience in sales strategy and will continue to drive Voxpopme’s revenue growth.
  • Braden Johnstone is elevated to Chief Customer Officer, focusing on enhancing customer experiences and ensuring the success of Voxpopme’s clients.
  • Victoria Hedley, appointed to Chief Operating Officer, will oversee the company’s operational excellence, aligning Voxpopme’s resources with its strategic objectives.
  • Skyler Martinson, stepping into the role of SVP of Finance, will guide the company’s financial strategy and growth.

In conjunction with these promotions, Voxpopme is also announcing Voxpopme Services, a dedicated unit designed to deliver high-quality and cost-effective research services to its customers and agency partners. This initiative is designed to meet the evolving needs of Voxpopme’s ecosystem and reinforces the company’s position to be at the forefront of qualitative market research.

As Voxpopme embarks on this new phase, the emphasis on continual improvement and customer-focused solutions remains paramount. The executive team’s expanded roles, along with Voxpopme Services, reflect Voxpopme’s readiness to meet the challenges of a dynamic market and to seize the opportunities ahead.

About Voxpopme

Voxpopme transforms insights teams by collecting, centralizing, and analyzing qualitative data. The Voxpopme Qualitative Insights Platform uses artificial intelligence to enable teams to capture, understand, and act on all qualitative data in a single, integrated platform. More brands trust Voxpopme to enrich their research studies and fundamentally transform how they build better products and shape visionary companies. To learn more, visit www.voxpopme.com.

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