Tech-Insights Companies Zappi and Voxpopme Announce Partnership

London, UK – ZappiStore welcomes Voxpopme to its automation platform, offering Zappi users the option to enhance their insights with Voxpopme video response add-ons. Going live in the US and UK imminently, and 10 more markets by June 2018.

Users of ZappiStore’s Creative suite will now be able to add open-ended video responses, with access to Voxpopme analytics for a deeper, personable way to obtain insights.

Voxpopme’s market-leading video analytics help brands see the people behind the data, driving customer-centric decisions through video research. Brands can identify key themes in consumers’ feedback, helping achieve a depth of understanding unobtainable through text.

Ryan Barry, CRO at ZappiStore commented: “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Voxpopme. With Voxpopme, we welcome to the platform deep context and rich meaning through video, helping our clients truly understand their customers.  Voxpopme puts video at the forefront of research studies, not only making market research faster and cheaper, but also using modern functionality to make research better.”

“It’s fantastic to be partnering with ZappiStore. Like Voxpopme, ZappiStore has led the way when it comes to the automation of research methodologies by delivering rich insight, at speed and scale, for leading brands. Our commercial, technological and cultural goals are very much aligned. This has made it easy to craft a cross-functional integration that maximises research value through the addition of video insight and analytics to ZappiStore’s powerful platform.”  Dave Carruthers, CEO & Founder of Voxpopme

About ZappiStore:

ZappiStore delivers Insight through automation. By automating manual processes behind market research, we enable clients and agencies to capitalize on the cost and time efficiencies technology unlocks. We aim for these efficiencies to empower consumer insight by bringing it in the business decision process early and often.

About Voxpopme

Voxpopme is the world’s #1 video insight platform with an impressive global client list of brands and agencies. We help businesses and brands see the people behind the data to drive real customer-centric decision-making. Our unique technology lets clients capture customer videos at speed, analyse at scale and share with ease. With Voxpopme, every data point used to make decisions can be backed up by the real human story.

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