Researchers Rank Voxpopme as the Number One Qualitative Company

Voxpopme’s video feedback platform has been recognized as the leading qualitative solution in the latest edition of the GreenBook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) Report. 

The report, based on the most comprehensive survey of the market research industry, compiles data to produce the GRIT Top 50 Innovative Suppliers list and subcategory lists.

For the fifth year running, Voxpopme featured in the list, retaining its ranking of 3rd in tech and 11th overall. But more importantly, Voxpopme was ranked the number one solution for qualitative insight by researchers. 

For over a decade, GreenBook’s peer-voted lists have helped researchers understand the position of the market’s leading companies, using the attribute of innovation as a key metric. Voxpopme’s climb to the top of the qualitative list shows just how in-demand video feedback is and highlights a shift away from more traditional qualitative methods. And that’s because agile qual is the most efficient way for businesses to create empathy for and an understanding of the people they care about most.

See what Voxpopme’s Founders had to say about being #1 in the video below. ????


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