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How to share customer feedback with employees is certainly a question worth addressing to get the most out of our consumer research. Grabbing employees’ attention, of course, is one thing, but then the message has to stick. There are dangers to not sharing customer feedback well internally.

In this article, I share the top ways to share customer feedback company-wide so your research can have an impact.

Why it can be challenging to share customer feedback with employees

Everyone is busy. So are employees.

And just because they “see” a message come through doesn’t mean it made a lasting impression. That’s where a multi-channel approach and repetition come in.

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Ways to share customer feedback with the company

There are several ways to share customer feedback with employees. Let’s look at them one by one.


Do your employees visit an intranet page on most days? Does an internal website load when they log in on their computers? Share customer feedback there in a variety of ways:

  • Short visual soundbites that can have an impact even if they are just glanced at.
  • Video clips with captions and the name and title of the customer to make consumption easier and draw interest.

Internal newsletters

Include customer feedback stories in internal newsletters. That could include:

  • Single-issue newsletters that share a detailed customer feedback story
  • Pull out quotes. Include a customer feedback quote as a standalone element between other pieces of the newsletter
  • Video soundbites

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Shared spaces in your offices

If your employees go to an office, consider looping videos of customer feedback in a physical space. Depending on the area, consider the right volume level to have a positive but not distracting impact. Include captions in the video as well.

Company conferences and events

Consider kicking it off with a powerful soundbite of customer feedback when you hold a company conference or event. Think of it like the cold opening they do on Saturday Night Live. The sketch just starts. The same strategy can be used here.

Using a motivating, fun, or even eye-opening quote can be a great way to get people’s attention and get the meeting started.

There might also be other places where it makes more sense to run a customer soundbite during the conference or event.

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Executive meetings

When was the last time customers came to a board or executive meeting? Doesn’t happen much – if at all. But it can with video soundbites from customers. So again, you could run a one-minute highlight video of customer feedback to kick off the meeting or show it at another point during specific discussions.

Project or team meetings

Certainly, we should share customer feedback in the right project meetings. And that’s not just confined to new customer feedback but consider what feedback you already have and what topic is being discussed in a specific meeting. Then, bring the customer feedback soundbites and analysis that makes the most sense.

“My driving force still is to communicate with different parts of the business,” said Diane Haluszka, senior director of customer service at PVH, which owns Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein, discussing the importance of attending meetings and sharing the latest insights. “Do not be afraid to mention it to anyone that will listen. Once they understand the different views and perspectives they will bring you to that table.”

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Employee onboarding programs

New employees have a lot to learn when they join a company. But don’t forget to share with them the impact their job can have on customers. An easy way to do that is to share several customer feedback clips to give them an idea.

In addition, positive customer feedback clips can get them even more excited about starting their new job.

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Employee training

Customer feedback isn’t just for new employees. But current employees can use a refresher and update from time to time. Plus, customer feedback can change with consumer trends changing.

Seeing customer feedback can give current employees a renewed sense of understanding their customer base and realizing the importance of their jobs.

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Insights repository

With all this powerful research being conducted, it can also be helpful to create one place where it’s all housed. People can then use this place to search for specific answers and see if customers have already offered feedback on that topic.

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Customer feedback is way more powerful when it can impact the company. And that impact can be achieved when it’s socialized across many levels of the company. But for that to happen, we have to ensure that the customer feedback is shared in a way that works for employees.

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