How AI Stretches Your Market Research Budget

Data is king — especially in market research. But with the vast amount of qualitative data available today, traditional methods of analysis can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. This is where AI steps in to revolutionize the game.

AI is Transforming How Market Researchers Interact with Qual Data

AI-powered market research tools now enable researchers to analyze huge datasets, automatically record and transcribe interviews, and gauge sentiment with unprecedented speed and accuracy

By automating this busy work, AI frees up valuable time for researchers, allowing them to focus on higher-level analysis and strategic insights. Now you can say goodbye to endless hours spent on manual transcription and hello to more impactful research outcomes.

These improvements get even more seamless with chat capabilities. You can now chat with large sets of survey responses to extract actionable insights from them. This is something that has never been available before.

A screenshot of a AI Insights chat by Voxpopme, perfect for market research.

Simply put…

Voxpopme AI Insights is Going to Save Your Department Money

As a product manager for a market research technology company, I hear it every week. Budget constraints are a common challenge for market research teams. But with Voxpopme’s centralized insights platform, research departments can build a repository of video data that can be easily accessed and queried with AI Insights.

This not only prevents redundant research, but also ensures that valuable insights from past studies are never lost or forgotten. I’ve heard this a lot, “We did a similar project years ago, but it’s lost.”

Also, the democratization of research has never been easier. Large companies can now harness the power of AI to streamline their market research processes, making insights more accessible across departments and teams.

With Voxpopme’s AI Insights feature set, your research dollars go further, unlocking greater ROI and impact for your organization.

You Can Create Insightful Questions, Faster Than Before

Crafting insightful questions is the cornerstone of effective qualitative research. With AI, researchers can now generate high-quality questions more efficiently than ever before. Whether you’re conducting live interviews or agile qual studies, AI-powered tools can assist in research question formulation, ensuring that you get the most out of every research interaction.

For live interviews, our AI discussion guide tool provides a wealth of question prompts and conversation starters tailored to your specific research objectives. And for agile qual studies, Smart SurvAI empowers researchers to create dynamic surveys with AI-generated questions, making the process faster, smarter, and more effective.

AI Discussion Guide Generator for Qualitative Researchers CTA

In a Nutshell…

  • AI streamlines qualitative data analysis, saving researchers time and resources.
  • Voxpopme’s AI-powered video repository prevents redundant research and democratizes insights.
  • AI tools facilitate the creation of insightful questions for live interviews and agile qual studies, maximizing research impact.
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