42 entrepreneurial projects nominated for Duke of York’s Pitch@Palace People’s Choice Award

The Pitch@Palace People’s Choice Award provides an opportunity to discover and vote for the leading entrepreneurs across a wide variety of Tech industries.

Pitch@Palace was founded by The Duke of York in 2014 to support entrepreneurs with the amplification and acceleration of their business ideas, and it does this by connecting some of the most innovative start-up business in the country with potential investors and supporters, including angels, mentors and key business contacts.

Speaking in Belfast, the Duke of York said, “Pitch is a collaborative activity helping the start-up and scale-up ecosystem. It’s the connections by the audience which probably make the biggest difference to the entrepreneurs here today,” via The Irish News.

Since the Pitch@Palace initiative was set up in 2014, it has helped 678 start-up businesses to create 2,314 new jobs and generate over £600 million of new economic activity.

This year, there are 42 entrepreneurial projects on the ballot for the Pitch@Palace 10.0 People’s Choice Awards.

The categories include:


And here are this year’s Pitch@Palace People’s Choice Award nominees:

Wevat: Fintech

Wevat is digitising tax refunds, allowing non-EU tourists shopping in the UK to get VAT back more efficiently.

Stasher: Smart Cities

Stasher is a sharing economy solution for luggage storage.

aiPatient: Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality

aiPatient is an online platform for medics to interact with the first artificially intelligent patients to effectively practice at any time.

Lilypads: Health and Wellbeing Technology

Lilypads aims to end period poverty by manufacturing and selling affordable, reusable sanitary products and providing menstrual health education in Kenya and Scotland.

JAFA: Media, Communications and Entertainment Technology

JAFA is a behavioural analytics platform which personalises the experience for sports fans and allows brands to better understand and access individuals.

Ideabatic: Health and Wellbeing Technology

Ideabatic is developing SMILE, the smart last-mile vaccination cooling system, to preserve vaccines which are damaged by temperature fluctuations in the crucial ‘last mile’ of their journey.

Zero Waste Biotech: Energy, Environmental and Renewables Technologies

Zero Waste Biotech aims to turn waste food into biomass to produce heat and electricity.

Akquire: Consumer Technology and Internet of Things

Akquire is a loyalty platform linked to individuals’ payment cards, that enables businesses to reward their customers in real time.

WalkIn: Consumer Technology and Internet of Things

WalkIn is a platform which enables restaurants to manage their customers more effectively, and allows diners to ‘virtually queue.’

Oxford nanoSystems: Industrial Technology

Oxford nanoSystems develops innovative coatings to improve two-phase heat transfer surfaces which limit environmental impact and reduce manufacturing costs.

GoodBox: Fintech

GoodBox delivers simple, affordable and practical fundraising solutions.

KidsKnowBest: Media, Communications and Entertainment Technology

KidsKnowBest is an online review platform where children can voice their opinions on the latest food, toys, movies, Apps and viral trends.

NearMeNow: Consumer Technology and Internet of Things

NearMeNow is an App designed to revitalise the high street, allowing independent businesses to collaborate, advertise, communicate and interact with their customers.

DynaRisk: Cyber Security

DynaRisk provides technology to assess and offer tailored solutions to reduce cyber risk.

PsycApps: Health and Wellbeing Technology

PsycApps is an evidence-based digital mental health company that develops games to build resilience, boost mental wellbeing.

Encore Musicians: Media, Communications and Entertainment Technology

Encore Musicians is a marketplace for booking live musicians.

Mendelian: Health and Wellbeing Technology

Mendelian applies digital technologies to accelerate accurate diagnosis and treatment of rare disease.

Virti: Educational Technology

Virti is an immersive learning platform providing VR and AR educational content and analytics that intelligently predict how a user will perform under pressure.

Sentinel: Biotech and Medical Technology

Sentinel is an ‘Offline First’ patient monitoring and workflow system that works with its own untethered, medical grade, wearable vital signs sensor.

Wootzano: Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality

Wootzano manufactures and sells novel electronic skin called “Wootzkin”, which allows robots to sense and feel like humans do.

Third Floor Systems: Health and Wellbeing Technology

Third Floor Systems develops and distributes StudentCRT, an award-winning student wellbeing monitor to help protect students’ lives.

Fresh Check: Health and Wellbeing Technology

Fresh Check has developed a tuneable platform that indicates the presence of bacterial and chemical contamination with a simple colour change.

H24E Innova: Energy, Environmental and Renewables Technologies

H24E Innova develops and sells an ultra-short pulse laser that splits water into hydrogen more efficiently than electrolysis.

Neurovalens: Biotech and Medical Technology

Neurovalens has launched a wearable wellness device, “Modius”, that treats diseases through the electrical modulation of the nervous system.

BioPaxium Technologies: Energy, Environmental and Renewables Technologies

BioPaxium is a specialist in innovative eco-packaging solutions to replace plastic ready meal trays.

Bare Conductive: Industrial Technology

Bare Conductive uses IOT enabled smart materials to transform surfaces and objects into precise, robust and low cost sensors.

Voxpopme: Data Management and Analytics

Voxpopme is a video insight platform that allows brands to capture customer-recorded video feedback at speed, analyse at scale, and share with ease.

Mobiloo Ireland: Consumer Technology and Internet of Things

Mobiloo Ireland manufactures and hires out high dependency mobile lavatory and bathroom facilities to allow disabled people to attend outdoor festivals.

Beeline: Consumer Technology and Internet of Things

Beeline makes products connecting navigation hardware and software for cyclists and motorcyclists.

Neon: Health and Wellbeing Technology

Neon is building a virtual pharmacy by creating innovative and immersive virtual, augmented and mixed reality health and wellbeing software applications.

Lirica: Educational Technology

Lirica is a mobile App which teaches languages through music.

Four Minutes: Educational Technology

Four Minutes is an emergency first aid training company that uses Mixed Reality technology to empower people worldwide to step up in an emergency.

Finygo: Consumer Technology and Internet of Things

Finygo is a mobile fishing App which records and analyses anglers’ past trips to increase future success rates.

Turtle Pack: Health and Wellbeing Technology

Turtle Pack is a fun swimming aid designed for three to six year olds, which aims to remove anxiety, build confidence and develop important life skills.

On the Tools: Fintech

On the Tools is a platform to connect the construction industry in the UK, allowing contractors to find sub-contractors and vice versa.

POCKiT Diagnostics: Health and Wellbeing Technology

POCKiT Diagnostics is focused on developing a point-of-care diagnostic device for brain stroke subtype diagnosis.

Dialexy: Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality

Dialexy uses AI to instantly process and translate official documents in every language, enabling a faster certified translation service.

GTN: Biotech and Medical Technology

GTN combines machine learning and quantum physics to discover drug-like molecules to make the drug development cycle more efficient.

Press Pad: Media, Communications and Entertainment Technology

PressPad diversifies the media by supporting young people who aren’t based in London with free accommodation and mentorship during their internships in the Capital.

Data Signals: Cyber Security

Data Signals provides a mechanism to secure data in line with territorial privacy laws, providing a form of decentralised super-encryption.

GradTouch: Media, Communications and Entertainment Technology

GradTouch is a platform that uses media to showcase the cultures of UK companies to over two million graduates per month, to match their personality, not just degree to a prospective employer.

BioSURE: Biotech and Medical Technology

BioSURE is an HIV self-test kit to determine people’s HIV status in a place that they choose and at a time that is convenient for them.

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