Voxpopme Partners With Microsoft to Launch AI Insights for Video Research

PARK CITY, Utah June 21, 2023Voxpopme, the global leader in video research technology, partners with Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) to unveil Voxpopme AI Insights to make qualitative research faster, smarter, and more economical. Voxpopme AI Insights – a follow-up release to Voxpopme’s Survey Generation Tool, Smart SurvAI, announced in mid-May – raises the standard for the effectiveness of qualitative research by using Azure OpenAI Service to integrate OpenAI’s ChatGPT directly on Voxpopme’s research platform.

Executives, market researchers, insights professionals, and category/brand managers can now cross-examine their qualitative data repositories to discover critical insights to inform, guide, and drive strategic business decisions.

“The collaboration between Voxpopme and Microsoft to develop AI Insights has been truly remarkable. Integrating Azure OpenAI Service with Voxpopme’s platform will help empower insights teams, including Microsoft’s, to analyze qualitative data at astonishing speed,” said Romani Patel, Sr. Manager of Research and Insights at Microsoft. “With a 60x faster analysis process and a staggering 97% reduction in time spent, this integration revolutionizes research. The result is a game-changing tool that empowers teams to derive valuable insights swiftly, enabling them to make informed decisions and drive innovation at an unprecedented pace.” 

In hyper-competitive markets, brands must deeply understand consumers and innovate faster than their competition. So insights teams from Airbnb, Pepsico, McDonald’s, and Microsoft all trust and use Voxpopme’s qualitative research platform to connect with their customers and consumers at speed and scale. This gives these brands the advantage of owning vast amounts of qualitative video data that lead to actionable and proprietary insights. 

“Many of our clients grapple with condensing research timelines without wanting to lose depth of insight. I’m so excited to get AI Insights in their hands to combat this dilemma and unlock actionable insights from their video feedback through an intuitive chat-like interface,” said Andy Barraclough, Founder & Chief Technology Officer at Voxpopme. 

Voxpopme and Microsoft’s collaboration combines Voxpopme’s video research technology with the AI capabilities of Azure OpenAI Service, revolutionizing how businesses can harness their qualitative data. This collaboration allows companies to pose questions and glean nuanced, insightful responses about consumers to gain tangible market advantages.

AI Insights transforms how companies manage video data for market research, offering key benefits such as:

  1. Interactive Data: Chat with the Voxpopme platform and get insights through a real-time chat window
  2. Insights Generation: Get summarized insights beautifully presented to you, complete with automated showreels and transcribed quotes from your respondents
  3. Sharing: Reduce the time it takes to analyze data, build a presentation, and share your insights – now, this is all possible in seconds rather than hours
  4. In-Depth Research with Suggestions: Get suggested questions for a follow-up project, which you can launch immediately to deepen your research findings
  5. Secure and Proprietary Insights: You retain 100% ownership over your data and insights, and access is restricted to authorized users

Voxpopme and Microsoft will demonstrate AI insights live at The Quirks Event in New York, showcasing how Azure OpenAI Service and ChatGPT can analyze vast amounts of qualitative data in real-time, driving the rapid discovery of actionable insights. Those unable to attend can learn more about Voxpopme AI Insights and request access here.

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Voxpopme is the conversational insights platform that helps the world’s leading insights teams have customer conversations without limits. Our solutions take the hassle out of qualitative research so you can have in-depth conversations with real people. Anytime. Anywhere. The world’s leading brands, including McDonald’s, Microsoft, and PepsiCo, use Voxpopme to create company-wide customer empathy that builds better products, brands, and experiences. Find out more at Voxpopme.com or email us at sales@voxpopme.com

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