Voxpopme Partners with Lightspeed to Launch Video Answers

WARREN, NJ (January 17, 2017) – As more consumers embrace video capabilities, Lightspeed can now leverage this medium to gather more insightful input from survey research. Today, Lightspeed announces the global launch of Video Answers. Partnering with Voxpopme, Lightspeed offers clients the ability to capture and analyze video open-ends, at scale and in real time.

“There’s no doubt that video usage, globally, is growing by leaps and bounds; marketing research should capitalize on this trend to enrich the profile of consumer attitudes and behaviors through video,” stated Daniel S. Fitzgerald, Chief Client and Marketing Officer. “For many survey participants, the ability to provide a video answer enables an improved and convenient way to articulate their thoughts than is possible through closed-end questions or text boxes. We’re helping to create unique experiences for our panelists; it’s simple, easy to use and allows for spontaneous, honest answers. Our clients now have video dialogue directly from their targeted consumers.”

Empowering clients to quickly and easily capture open-ends
Video Answers brings new opportunities to both clients and panelists alike. Lightspeed’s latest offer will be available in two distinct tiers, basic and enhanced, and align the power of video together with its award-winning survey design and programming capabilities. Voxpopme brings to the collaboration an expansive platform built to capture, analyze and share video at scale.

“Our partnership with Voxpopme will allow us to enhance quantitative studies by adding this powerful new capability,” stated Frank Kelly, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing and Strategy. “The combination of Lightspeed’s world-class survey design and market penetration with Voxpopme’s groundbreaking platform will create a powerful new way to analyze consumer behavior.”

Capturing short videos within a survey liberates respondents from the inherent restrictions of survey design and elicit deeper consumer insights that can enhance quantitative research projects. These self-completed videos can be gathered quickly and efficiently. Lightspeed Video Answers offers:

  • Basic Video Capture: includes scripting by Lightspeed, incremental incentives, editing, and data storage
  • Enhanced Analysis through Voxpopme: includes basic video capture and album delivery, Voxpopme analysis and platform access, up to 12 simple activity tags and transcription

Lightspeed will be showcasing Video Answers at a series of upcoming events and conferences, including MIE, The Insights Show and IIEX Europe. To learn more about the company’s capabilities, visit www.lightspeedresearch.com or follow@LightspeedGMI on Twitter.

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