Voxpopme Launches VideoCX Platform to Bring the Voice of the Customer to Life

Video insight specialists Voxpopme today launched VideoCX, a new video-first customer experience (CX) platform designed to bring the voice of the customer to life.

Since launching in 2013 Voxpopme has focused on bringing cutting-edge video insight and analytics to the market research sector, as well as supporting video-driven CX programs for a number of major brands.Over the past three years the influence of Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat has resulted in an explosion in video, with consumers becoming increasingly comfortable communicating via this medium. The launch of VideoCX allows businesses to take advantage of this growing social trend as part of their customer experience programs.

The key advantage for businesses using video insights, outside of offering consumers an easier and more engaging way to provide feedback, is collecting true voice of the customer data that gives the “story behind the score” and allows for increased CX impact across the organisation while driving key stakeholder and C-suite engagement.

VideoCX provides customers with an alternative or augment to their standard CX survey. The customer is able to leave a short video along with their NPS, cSAT or CES score, and videos collected are then processed by Voxpopme’s analytics engine with transcription, sentiment and theme-coding made available through a dashboard where showreels of key insights can be created and shared across the organization.

For companies interested in adopting video, this solution sits seamlessly alongside any existing CX platform, delivering multi-dimensional layers of insight not achievable with scores alone.

Oliver Wilson, Customer Insight Manager at Asda said “It’s not Hollywood – these are people’s raw feelings that you see and it’s extremely impactful. What we hear from customers is very much raw, in-the-moment feedback and it’s something that we’re using extensively at Asda to get the entire business engaged with the customer to drive change.”

Dave Carruthers, Founder and CEO of Voxpopme, said “We’re excited about the launch of VideoCX as it’s the natural evolution of customer experience. Giving consumers the ability to talk openly and honestly about their experiences without needing to answer a long battery of questions is very powerful. This is particularly key when looking at shifting consumer behaviors and the growing number of customer groups who are video natives and want their voice to be heard.”

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