Voxpopme Launches AI-powered Live Interviews to Streamline Qualitative Research

PARK CITY, Utah, November 1, 2023 Voxpopme, the world’s leading qualitative insights platform, celebrates ten years of innovation with the launch of AI-powered Live Interviews. Continuing Voxpopme’s mission to scale customer conversations, Voxpopme’s suite of AI tools for Live Interviews makes in-depth qualitative research faster, smarter, and more economical. 

Voxpopme’s AI solutions for Live Interviews add to their proprietary AI-powered tools released in partnership with Microsoft in June 2023 for video surveys. Except this time, Voxpopme is applying AI technology to live interviews and focus groups. As a result, insights and research leaders can now deliver in-depth qualitative research 91% faster, enabling them to deliver actionable insights within the rapid timelines needed by modern enterprises. 

“Voxpopme has transformed how brands connect with consumers for the past decade by scaling customer conversations with asynchronous video surveys and analytics. We’re applying the same innovative approach to synchronous live interviews and focus groups, streamlining qualitative research for insights leaders,” said Andy Barraclough, Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Voxpopme

Starting today, Voxpopme’s AI-powered Live Interviews offers:

  • Voxpopme Recorder: ​​Invite recorder@voxpopme.com to your interviews and it will automatically capture every conversation and upload them to Voxpopme for instant analysis (Voxpopme account required).
  • AI Insights: Generate real-time consumer insights from in-depth interviews and focus groups with AI-generated summaries, findings, and recommendations.
  • Interactive Chat: Get insights faster by asking questions about your data using an integrated chat interface.
  • Cross-Project Analysis: In an industry first for qualitative research, AI analysis can be used across multiple videos, revealing patterns and trends across a series of interviews and focus groups. 
  • Professional Services: Get dedicated support from Voxpopme to ensure fast, seamless qualitative projects. 

“The combination of AI, automation, and world-class services creates a leap in what’s possible for in-depth qualitative research. Now researchers can have hassle-free conversations with consumers, find and share insights with the help of AI, and build an unrivaled understanding of consumers 91% faster than ever before,” said Jamin Brazil, Chief Revenue Officer at Voxpopme.

Insights professionals looking to experience AI-powered live interview tools with Voxpopme can start by generating a discussion guide with AI for free at www.voxpopme.com/portal/ai-discussion-guide.

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Voxpopme transforms insights teams by collecting, centralizing, and analyzing qualitative data. The Voxpopme Qualitative Insights Platform uses artificial intelligence to enable teams to capture, understand, and act on all qualitative data in a single, integrated platform. More brands trust Voxpopme to enrich their research studies and fundamentally transform how they build better products and shape visionary companies. To learn more, visit www.voxpopme.com.

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