Voxpopme Integrates Zoom to Speed up Long-Form Qualitative Research

Salt Lake City, UT — September 23, 2021 — Voxpopme today announced the launch of its Zoom Video Communications integration to speed up the analysis and sharing of videos recorded on the leading cloud communications platform. The integration enhances Voxpopme’s long-form qualitative capabilities, by enabling executives to import online video recordings from Zoom straight into Voxpopme.

Zoom recordings of all lengths and topics can be imported to Voxpopme with the native integration, providing a new way to understand and organize video feedback. That means in-depth interviews, focus groups, sales conversations and more are accessible in Voxpopme in minutes. Once imported, Voxpopme’s automated analysis and showreel editing tools make it possible to find, understand and share qualitative insight without having to manually analyze the video content – saving hours of human resource. 

On all imported videos, Voxpopme’s platform automatically:

  • transcribes
  • identifies themes
  • creates a sentiment analysis that reduces the time it takes to understand customer conversations. 
  • In addition, importing into Voxpopme turns the platform into a video insight hub for all qualitative content, complementing the shorter-form feedback captured with Voxpopme video surveys. 

Voxpopme is now available in the Zoom marketplace and the integration will be accessible as a long-format add-on for existing Voxpopme customers or a standalone solution for new customers. Find out more by signing up for Voxpopme’s launch webinar on 7th October 2021 here.

Voxpopme CEO Dave Carruthers commented: “We’re really excited to launch Voxpopme’s Zoom integration. Zoom is a giant in the online communications space and powers video conversations for executives that want to understand customers and stay connected remotely. However, it’s always been a huge undertaking to turn video feedback from Zoom into digestible insight that’s ready to share. Enabling imports from Zoom into Voxpopme automates video analysis and showreel creation, making it easy to share video insight throughout entire businesses.”


Voxpopme provides you with powerful video surveys that inspire action. Most companies are completely disconnected from their customers – and it costs them. Founded in 2013, Voxpopme has created video survey software that enables you to uncover new insights that people pay attention to and become the trusted customer authority for your business.

Customers at global companies such as AB-InBev, Clorox, Mars-Wrigley, and 89% of GRIT’s Most Innovative Brands rely on Voxpopme’s powerful video surveys to create understanding, empathy, and connection with customers, influencing customer-centric decisions for their business.

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