Voxpopme announces video partnership with Kantar

Voxpopme today announced a partnership with Kantar, the world’s leading marketing insights and consultancy company, bringing scalable video insight to Kantar clients through its market-leading technology.

Addressing a growing client need for speed and impact in market research, this partnership with Voxpopme provides Kantar with the tools to connect with consumers across the world via video feedback. Kantar will use these new capabilities in researching marketing challenges such as product testing, brand positioning and communication testing, shopper insights and customer experience.

Kantar can now integrate short video responses and interactions from consumer surveys, tap into Voxpopme’s on-demand communities to capture instant feedback, and effectively make use of video from qualitative groups, interviews and ethnographic research for enhanced human storytelling. Voxpopme’s full suite of analytical and sharing capabilities rapidly bring data and consumer insights to life and provide a visually rich way for clients to hear directly from consumers through features such as:

  • time-coded transcription
  • thematic coding
  • sentiment analysis and
  • customisable showreel creation.

Kantar also benefits from Voxpopme’s freshly announced collaboration with Affectiva, providing facial coding to detect both the engagement levels and emotional states of respondents throughout their video responses.

The partnership further emphasizes the upward trajectory of videos use in research, thanks to technological advancements and Kantar’s passion for developing a unique and complete understanding of people, across the world.

Simon Falconer, Kantar Global Innovation Planning Director, commented:

“At Kantar, we are huge believers in the power of video and wanted to partner with a company that shared this vision and made the process of working with video easy. Voxpopme brings industry-leading technology, a proven track record and a global team that can match our ambition and high standard of delivery to our clients.”

Dave Carruthers, Voxpopme CEO, commented:

“We’re thrilled to partner with Kantar at a group level.  We’ve been collaborating with individual brands under the Kantar umbrella for some time and have witnessed the appetite for video from their clients.  We expect this demand to grow exponentially and this partnership will make it even easier for researchers across the globe to put their customers at the heart of decisions with fast, effective video research.”

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