Consumer study: What do consumers buy on Amazon Prime Day?

Cetaphil purchase on Amazon Prime Day

Mostafa of San Diego bought Cetaphil moisturizer.

What do consumers buy on Amazon Prime Day? In short: A lot of things! Amazon Prime Day – which actually stretched over two days in 2021 and 2022 – offers even more sales than usual on Consumers can buy those deals in a given time period. The countdown clocks are ticking – literally, on screen.

We have taken the opportunity to ask consumers around the United States about Prime Day.

How we asked consumers about Amazon Prime Day

In 2021, we asked our community of consumers on the Voxpopme video survey platform the following:

Did you purchase something from Amazon on Prime Day and have you received your purchase?

If the answer was yes, we continued:

Show and tell us on camera what you purchased. Please tell us the brand, product name, and why you wanted this item. What do you love about it? Please unbox the package while recording the video if possible.

We started the survey on the second day of the Amazon Prime Days and responses started coming in close to immediately.

In 2022, we ran the survey before Prime Day started. We asked:

  • What items would you like to purchase on Prime Day 2022?
  • Where do you think the best savings can be made?
  • And how do you check you’re getting a good deal?

Each consumer was able to answer the survey on their own time using their smartphone. The results were then collected and analyzed in one place on my Voxpopme dashboard.

Amazon Prime Day consumer reponses


From the dashboard I can easily flip through responses, review positive or negative statements and get a quick overview of themes.

Overall results

The automatically generated word cloud gives us an idea of what people thought.

amazon prime day wordcloud

Purchases on Amazon Prime Day

We created quick highlight reels directly in our video survey platform to highlight the results.

Here’s what respondents said in 2022.

And here’s what they said in 2021.

Personal hygiene

Mostafa, 32, of San Diego bought Cetaphil moisturizer.

“It has vitamins and good ingredients and I also saw a really good price on Amazon,” he said in his video response.

Lisa, 29, of Long Beach, bought a new Panasonic razer.

Amazon Prime Day purchase shaver“It’s amazing,” she said in her video response. “What I love about it is I’m a lazy shaver and it just makes shaving much easier. I can shave my legs very fast with it. I highly recommend it.”

You might wonder what the yellow and green lines mean above Lisa’s video. They give you a quick sentiment analysis of what she’s saying. Yellow is neutral, green is positive, red is negative.

Svetlana, 44, of Grand Junction, ordered the Waterpik complete care electronic toothbrush and flossing system.

“This is very healthy device,” she said. “I love it because it helps with your gums.”

Darlene, 53, of Chester, ordered wipes and Pampers for her grandson. 


Kiersten, 34, of Indianapolis, bought some couch cushions to finalize updating a couch that she was selling. I also appreciate how Kiersten, like many members of our consumer panels, invites us into her home. She apologizes for the “mess. We are moving.” It’s just like letting a friend visit. She continues sharing her latest Amazon purchase.


Adapters, smartphone cases, TVs and similar items were popular and consumers mentioned they purchased based on product reputation.

Jacobe, 40, of Hudsonville, got a Kindle Paperwhite.

“My wife recently lost hers and this was a nice way to replace it,” he said in his video response. “Pricing was great and they’re just nice systems. But yeah, we’ve had them for a long time, but it was lost recently so good timing.”


Alex, 37, of Brookings, bought a Good Threads shirt and shared that he loves their products and a sale on Prime Day made the decision to purchase easy. Alex’s response is also a great reminder of how video surveys don’t just tell a story, but they show what’s going on. Alex shows off his shirt on the video. They look great and I’m tempted to check out Good Threads shirts now.

Stefanie, 39, of Secaucus, got Ray-Ban sunglasses. 

“I purchased them because I really wanted Ray-Bans and they had a really good price,” she said in her video response. “They are my favorite sunglass brand. They look really good on, too. See…”

Amazon Prime Deal Ray-Ban sunglasses

Office supplies

Georgie, 56, of New Orleans, bought a Rocketbook calendar for her daughter’s business.

Personal health

Cindy Amazon Prime Day feedbackCindy, 43, of Ada, bought heart health supplements by Snap and magnesium from the Linoic brand. Unlike Lisa’s video, the sentiment analysis is also flagging negative comments. That’s the red line.

For April Fool’s, we said we would only show positive comments going forward, but that’s of course a joke. We can learn so much from the positive feedback we get from consumers and the negative comments as well.


Yup, people still buy books on Amazon. Manon, 28, from Boston, for example, bought three.

The variety of offerings

But consumers also weren’t just shopping in one area of their lives. Take Jay, 30, of Edison. He purchased and quickly received three widely different items:

  • Crystal Light Fruit Punch – “It was available at an all-time low price.”
  • Luckyway drill bits
  • Unisom Simple Slumbers

Shopping events – like Amazon Prime Day – are just one example to ask consumers for their thoughts and feedback. And video surveys make it easier than ever to be invited into their homes and find out what they love about your product and what they don’t love – even when it’s a bit messy.

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