Voxpopme Releases Video Survey Templates for Faster Qualitative Research

Salt Lake City, UT — July 7, 2022 — Voxpopme today announced the launch of Project Templates, the platform’s new library of video surveys for running faster qualitative research. The release of Project Templates makes it easier to scale customer conversations and get better answers with ready-made video surveys.

With Project Templates, Voxpopme users can launch a video survey without crafting new questions, or wondering how to ask and where to place them. Voxpopme does all the heavy lifting, outlining the survey design, along with structuring those all-important video questions to get in-depth video responses from consumers. 

In addition, Project Templates provide video surveys for all types of feedback, categorized by team and type. As a result, it’s easy to find surveys that get instant answers to current business challenges. Or take inspiration from video surveys used by other leading brands, from advertising and concept testing to video testimonials and journey mapping.

By standardizing video survey design across a wide range of feedback types, Voxpopme makes qualitative research fast, scalable and repeatable. This enables different brand, product, and experience feedback to be collected in a consistent format and provide comparable results over time.

Voxpopme CRO, Jenn Mancusi Vogel, commented: 

“We’re so excited to bring templated video surveys to insights, marketing, and product leaders. Video offers an unrivaled understanding of customers when you ask the right questions in the right order. And with Project Templates, qualitative research becomes easy to execute even when you don’t have time to create surveys from scratch. As a result, you can get in-depth answers in minutes and easily repeat surveys so you can compare concept, creative, product or advertising feedback anytime.’

Find out more about Voxpopme’s Project Templates here.


Voxpopme provides you with powerful video surveys that inspire action. Most companies are completely disconnected from their customers – and it costs them. Founded in 2013, Voxpopme has created video survey software that enables you to uncover new insights that people pay attention to and become the trusted customer authority for your business.

Customers at global companies such as AB-InBev, Clorox, Mars-Wrigley, and 89% of GRIT’s Most Innovative Brands rely on Voxpopme’s powerful video surveys to create understanding, empathy, and connection with customers, influencing customer-centric decisions for their business.

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