Six Funding Round Survival Tips For Technology CEOs

Venture funding offers vast opportunities for startups and can be a pivotal step en route to the unicorn-laden, SaaS promised land. However, despite being a well-trodden path for some, raising venture capital (VC) money is often a new experience for many technology CEOs. As a result, it’s a journey that’s fraught with surprises and challenges that will test your business and your mental resolve.

Fresh off the back of a successful but labor-intensive $9 million series A round for my company, I want to share my survival tips to help you get through your next funding round. Regardless of which stage you’re raising, I believe these simple tips will help you cultivate the right mindset to handle anything VC firms throw at you during your capital raise and come out of it with funding, invested partners, a plan for success and unrivaled mental toughness.

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