Interview with Michelle Gansle: Insights Transformation During Uncertain Times

We recently sat down with Michelle Gansle, the global lead for insights transformation at Mars, to hear her recommendations for research during uncertain times in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.



The world is changing rapidly these days, and the environmental and economic shifts in the world are having a major impact on insights teams and brands as a whole.  Is now a good time to do research?  How does that research need to change right now? What does the normal look like, and how do we know when we’ve gotten there?  Watch the video to hear more.

I really feel like this is the CMI insights function’s moment.  This is where we get to come together and say, what’s the right thing to do for and with the consumer and what’s going to happen with the societal impact, the business impact, the consumer and shopper impact.” – Michelle Gansle, Mars

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